Welcome to Research Institute for New Americans (RINA) - the first independent research and analytical center founded by immigrants to study the immigrants themselves.

                                                  Who is RINA?

Research Institute for New Americans (RINA) was created in 1998 in response to the widespread need for a deeper  understanding of social, demographic, identification, and integration processes of the immigrant communities, mostly from Russia and other republics of the FSU, in New York and elsewhere in the US. The institute profiles immigrant populations upon their arrival and settlement in the U.S. RINA's mission is to study the different aspects of immigrants' life and to become an informational and analytical center. RINA is a non profit group supported by donations and grants form different organizations and foundations including AJC (www.ajc.org) and American Forum of Russian Speaking Jews.  RINA is a founding member of COJECO  and regularly receives grants from COJECO. www.cojeco.org

The founder of RINA, Dr. Sam Kliger, is a sociologist from the Former Soviet Union, who emigrated to the U.S. in 1990, and serves as RINA's President since its inception in 1998.  Dr. Tony Carnes, an American scholar, Lev Vatmakhter, and Vladimir Beniaminov were among those who helped found RINA and shape its Mission and Goals.  The institute now profiles immigrant populations upon their arrival and settlement in the United States. Through public opinion polls, expert surveys, focus group studies RINA accumulates, analyzes, and publishes reliable data about the processes developing within the Russian-speaking immigrant community. RINA works in close cooperation with major American community organizations.